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Who We Like To Work With

The people that we can best help are looking for a team they can get to know, like, and trust. They want and need to feel their team is competent and unquestionably looking out for their best interest. They want help in simplifying their life – and not just their financial life, their whole life. They believe, as we do, that a relationship with this kind of foundation will better help them achieve the outcomes they want.

Their primary financial goal is not to accumulate money. Money is only a tool to serve their lives—NOT the other way around.

They want to be informed, but they are looking for customized advice focused on their specific need and approach to a situation. They are happy to invest time and attention to discuss personal details with their advisors, so their advisors can deliver that personalized advice most effectively. This applies especially when the information discussed may be uncomfortable. When they have a question, they ask it.

They understand that this kind of relationship leads to the best outcome for them and their family. They have had good habits over the years, or are just starting them, to spend less than they make each month or year. They have established good habits of saving and may have accumulated some money but they are not sure how to make it last for the rest of their lives.

They do not (or do not WANT to) watch CNBC or other financial TV networks/shows and they don’t really want to read financial publications. They may think, “I really should learn more about this kind of thing.” However, what they really are searching for is someone they can trust to guide them. They really would rather spend their time on other passions and interests – their faith, family, hobbies, work, entertainment – all things that give them far more joy then “financial stuff.”

Material possessions do not hold a primary place of relevance in our ideal client’s life. While they might have nice homes or cars, they do not generally invest in things that depreciate until they have achieved financial independence. They do not long for the newest VCD / DVD / Blu-Ray / Hologram player just because it is available. They don’t spend inordinate amounts of money on watches, clothing, wine, or other ways to display their wealth. They appreciate value in everything they do. They know their legacy will not be determined by how much money they pass on, but by the values and experiences that they leave behind.

We prefer to work with people try to be polite to everyone, not just to people who can help them. When they’re unhappy or inconvenienced or need help, they let us know.

It is our mission to serve people that can identify with these ideas and values. If you think we might be a good firm or have more questions about us, please fill out the contact form or give us a call to talk. We don’t do high pressure tactics. The work we do is too important to work with anyone who isn’t fully ready.