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Who We Work With

Our best working relationships vary quite a bit, since each person and family is different. However, we might be a good fit to talk if many of these apply to you:

You tend to spend less than you make – and always have (or almost always).

You think or say things like, “I should learn more about this stuff” – but you don’t really want to.

You may not feel like you know the “right” questions to ask of a current or potential financial advisor, but you are more than willing to answer the questions we ask so we can understand you and your situation.

You don’t want long, detailed technical explanations for most situations (but you will ask for more information if you do want to go deeper).

You ideally want to find someone you know, like, and trust and work with them for a long time, but you want to make sure you feel very comfortable with that advisor before going to them for all your most sensitive financial questions and planning.

You are looking to delegate investment management and have a good start towards your goals. We define a “good start” over age 50 meaning you have at least $442,500 in your long-term investment accounts (IRAs, 401k/403b, non-retirement investment, or cash earmarked for long-term needs). If you are in your 40s, that start is at least $313,000; in your 30s, it is $178,000.

Leaving money behind is not your primary goal–until you are certain you are OK for your lifetime.

You may not feel up to speed on all super-cutting edge technology, but you are willing to try something new to allow for more and better communication (and you’ll let us know if it’s not working for you).

You don’t watch CNBC or other financial TV or think there is some secret way to predict short-term market movements.

You understand that quality professional advice has a cost – whether that’s direct or indirect (or both!). You are willing to ask questions if you ever wonder about the costs of your investments or your advisor. You want to get great value for what you pay and understand how it works, but you’re not just looking for the lowest priced advisor.

If few of these sound like you, but you don’t know where to turn — let us know. We maintain collegial relationships with many other financial advisors and may be able to make an introduction to someone who is just the right fit.