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How & What We Do

Practice Areas

  • Investment management and planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Prioritizing and goal planning
  • Life insurance planning (for both protection & legacy)
  • Long term care insurance planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning/beneficiary reviews

Fees & Expenses

Financial advisor costs – we charge 0.99% of your account value per year. Every three months, the value of your account is multiplied by 0.2475% (one fourth of 0.99%) and deducted from your account about ten days later. This the only way we are compensated – we don’t get paid anything from any third parties or based on using a specific type of investment.

Investment costs – many investments (mutual funds, for example) have internal management costs (of varying levels) that can easily go unnoticed. We pay close attention to these internal costs and often use investments with rock bottom expenses where the research indicates higher costs do NOT benefit the investor (ie you don’t get what you pay for).